E-commerce Solution: Shopping Cart or Web Store?

In this day and age, E-commerce seems to be the next big thing to have happened in the business world. With the increase in the number of people using the internet nowadays, it is no doubt that selling products online has significant benefit over the brick and mortar approach. When most people are starting over their online business, one of the challenging decision to make is deciding which e-commerce solution fits their model of operation. Often, numerous people get torn in between creating a web store or a shopping cart.

Perhaps, you fall in this category of indecision on which E-commerce solution best fits you? Here are some guidelines to help you make the best choice in line with your business and products’ needs.

Difference between a shopping cart and a webs store

A webs store is a content management website application that gives your visitors the chance to make purchases of any given products through transactions enabled on the website. Often, the primary purpose for a web store is to create avenues for selling products online to customers. An SSL certificate is used to secure and encrypt information.

A shopping cart on the other hand, is software designed to act as a form of online store’s catalogue and enhances the process or ordering particular products and/or services. Ideally, a shopping cart acts as the link between the website of a company and its deeper infrastructure. The shopping chart gives the consumers a chance to choose the merchandise of their will.



Tips to help you settle for the appropriate E-commerce solution

Now that you have a glimpse of the difference between a web store and a shopping cart, the next probable question would be which out of the two is appropriate for your business. To help you out, we have listed a number of points of consideration here to guide you.

What is your primary objective for an E-commerce solution?

Some people would want an e-commerce solution for online sales only while others would want a solution that takes into consideration blog needs, and later e-commerce website needs. If you are starting your business online and have a website running already, you might need to integrate the capacity to sell products. In such a case, a basic shopping cart would enough. However, in the event that you want a storefront first, a comprehensive web store would be your ideal choice.

What are the necessary tools needed for your needs?

The success of your online business depends on the tool set that is provided by your chosen online store builder. In most of the cases, such tools would include the creation of coupon and its distribution, management of customer database, inventory and generation on report. If such are the tools that you need, then you are thinking about a whole e-commerce website.

What options do you have to drive customers to find your products?

Getting found online is what matters for any successful e-commerce solution. In the event that you are considering the use of organic search results, then a web store would serve the purpose. The reason for this is that the majority of web store platforms incorporate search engine optimization in their service package allowing you to write content that draws people to your site and compels them to make purchases.



We recommend that you use Shopify for website store hosting solutions as it is one of the best platforms in the industry!


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